The $35 Tablet computer

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The $35 Aakash tablet computer is another great example of a high-quality, low-cost  product developed in emerging markets.



  1. I’m glad that Krishna Palepu is highlighting this. This is the kind of thing that can make a huge difference in developing countries, and provide a model for lower cost products in other places.

    • That saves me. Thanks to Krishna Palepu for being so sensible!

      • I’m a daily reader of your mails but i don’t know why you discouraging the development of Indians in india .one thing i accept that broadband line is not available in rural area but gprs available in all area first you know one thing.. ” ” all persons are not genius and they known something about computer..from childhood if their father or mother studied..if they are uneducated, how their childrens known about that, thats why, first if they use any pcs, after they will trained, how the problem comes and how to stop that thats all aakash is the starting point to rise knowledge in indians .waiting for countdown to starts ..

  2. Thanks to Krishna Palepu for alerting me to this development.

    • I think,in the rural area much of the users are currently not interested in using internet. They are still in a way to know the digital world. I have seen so many persons who are using their laptops for the entertainment and education purpose. Introducing this gadget will open the new door for the rural India. Regarding the Apps development, its possible for the students to develop and upload it on the net,so anyone can download it.Only issue for this project is about the servicing.And we can use the internet using GPRS and SIM facility,even though it is slow,it is sufficient for the basic usage. Some more research is needed and I hope The Students will do it easy for our country. Thank you

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