Krishna Palepu

Harvard Business School Professor

Senior Advisor to the President of Harvard University for Global Strategy

KRISHNA PALEPU, since 1983, Krishna Palepu has been a professor at the Harvard Business School. He is the Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration and also serves as Senior Advisor to the President of Harvard University for Global Strategy.  He previously served as Senior Associate Dean for International Development at Harvard Business School and other leadership positions.

Professor Krishna Palepu has published many academic and practitioner-oriented articles and case studies in the areas of strategy,  financial analysis, and governance. He teaches courses in the Accounting and Control unit and courses on strategy in emerging markets at Harvard Business School.  He chairs or co-chairs the Global CEO Program in China , Building Businesses in Emerging Markets, and Leading Global Businesses.

In the area of strategy, Krishna Palepu‘s research focus is currently on the globalization of emerging markets, particularly China and India, and the resulting opportunities and challenges for western  multinationals and investors, and for local companies with global ambitions. Krishna Palepu is a co-author, with Tarun Khanna, of a new book on this topic, Winning in Emerging Markets: A Road Map for Strategy and Execution.

Professor Krishna Palepu‘s work in governance focuses on board engagement with strategy.  Krishna Palepu has written a chapter on this topic for the recently published book, The Future of Boards, edited by Jay Lorsch.

Professor Krishna Palepu  also had a wide body of research in mergers and acquisitions and corporate disclosure. Based on this research, he co-authored the book, Business Anaysis and Valuation Using Financial Statements: Text and Cases .  The 5th edition of this book,  which won the  Notable Contribution to the Accounting Literature Award for its impact on academic research, was released in summer 2012.  The book, translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, is widely used in leading MBA programs all over the world. It also won the American Accounting Association’s Wildman Award for its impact on management practice.  The book is accompanied by a business analysis and valuation software model published by the Harvard Business School Publishing Company.

Professor Krishna Palepu has served on a number of public company and non-profit Boards. He currently serves on the boards of Brooks AutomationExeter Group, and Partners Harvard Medical International (PHMI) and is an advisor to BTM Corporation.  He has also been on the Editorial Boards of leading academic journals, and has served as a consultant to a wide variety of businessesKrishna Palepu is a researcher on the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Professor Krishna Palepu has a Professional Director Certification from the American College of Corporate Directors.  He has also been named as a fellow in the International Academy of Management.

Professor Krishna Palepu has a doctorate in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, and an Honorary Doctorate from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (now Aalto University).